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Our Wines

ThornCreek’s wines are crafted to compliment our seasonal menu items as well as the uniqueness of the winery. Our wine is bottled and labeled in our cellar and are sure to please the most avid wine drinker.

Our Wines

Our wines are as unique and distinctive as the winery itself. From Aurora Cream White – a regional table wine that has quite a dedicated following to our award winning Cabernet Sauvignon Private Reserve – a barrel select for the most avid wine drinker, our wine list is sure to please each and every winery visitor. Our goal at ThornCreek is to provide the highest quality wine possible. Our unique approach to winemaking in Ohio is to source premium produce from various locations throughout the country that are best known for the distinct personality of each varietal that we offer. Our partners are selected for their high standards of grape growing including the soil type, rootstock, field exposure and farming practices. Understanding these qualities help to explain how the same varietal can be characteristically different from fields that are in the same general proximity and also helps us select the right partner for each varietal that we offer. Our boutique winery model is designed so that our wines are limited and can only be purchased in a few select locations with the primary sales source being from ThornCreek Winery.

V.I.P. Wine Club

Membership Options

Members will receive ThornCreek’s wines in the months of March, June, September, and December.


Sweet Experience

ThornCreek’s Sweet Experience will be a special experience for your sweet tooth. You will receive a quarterly shipment of ThornCreek’s sweet and semi-sweet wines, including our new sweet releases!

  • Three bottle membership – $56 per quarter
  • Six bottle membership – $110 per quarter

Premiere Experience

ThornCreek’s Select will be a selection of our finest dry wines. This category features many of our reds with the occasional white thrown in the mix, including new releases and barrel aged wines!

  • Three bottle membership – $77 per quarter
  • Six bottle membership – $147 per quarter

Winemaker’s Choice

ThornCreek’s Winemaker’s Choice will be the latest and greatest for those with an experienced palate and adventurous spirit. The winery owner and winemaker will hand select out top wines and new releases! If you’re looking for a unique experience with access to exclusive products, this is the right category for you.

  • Three bottle membership – $96 per quarter
  • Six bottle membership – $185 per quarter
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Membership Benefits
  • Welcome VIP Wine Club gift including a VIP membership “key”, giving special access to our private Wine Club Member’s Culinary Garden
  • Members will receive first access to new vintage, limited production and blends
  • Exclusive reservations for ThornCreek’s special events, prior to general public
  • VIP Wine Club Member only events, including ThornCreek’s Annual Members’ Harvest Reception, “Bring a Guest” VIP events, and case pick-up parties
  • Quarterly Newsletter with wine and food pairing recipes, including wine descriptions and updates
  • 15% discount on wine by the case
  • 10% discount on ThornCreek gift shop merchandise
  • 20% discount on ThornCreek’s tasting room menu, the day of enrollment in VIP Wine Club
  • Three different tier options based on wine preference
  • Gift a fellow wine lover a year’s membership and receive 10% off the initial enrollment fee**
  • Members can select quarterly secured signature delivery to their home or pick-up from the winery at their convenience
  • Wines will be billed directly to member’s card every quarter with advance notice of shipment date and subsequent charge

**10% applies to membership sign-up fee only, excludes quarterly shipments


Members have the choice of secure shipment to their doorstep on a quarterly basis or choose to pick up their wine from ThornCreek. Additional shipping costs will be added to the quarterly charge of the wine membership at the time of shipment.

*Shipping restrictions to some states.

Terms and Conditions

We are committed to sharing the ThornCreek experience with our members in our winery and at home. All wines include a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you do not care for a wine, for any reason, we will gladly replace it for you.

Cancellation Policy

Your membership will run for one consecutive year. After Initial enrollment is processed, members will receive quarterly wines based on their tier choice. Payment for the wines will be processed at each quarter with prompt notification to member. Members may choose to renew their membership at the end of the fourth consecutive quarter. If membership is not renewed at that time, membership will be canceled.

Join the experience today!
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