Our Wines

ThornCreek’s wines are crafted to complement our seasonal menu items as well as the uniqueness of the winery. Our wine is bottled and labeled in our cellar and are sure to please the most avid wine drinker.

Our Wines

Our wines are as unique and distinctive as the winery itself. From Aurora Cream White – a regional table wine that has quite a dedicated following, to our award winning Cabernet Sauvignon Private Reserve – a barrel select for the most avid wine drinker, our wine list is sure to please each and every winery visitor. Our goal at ThornCreek is to provide the highest quality wine possible. Our unique approach to winemaking in Ohio is to source premium produce from various locations throughout the country that are best known for the distinct personality of each varietal that we offer. Our partners are selected for their high standards of grape growing including the soil type, rootstock, field exposure and farming practices. Understanding these qualities help to explain how the same varietal can be characteristically different from fields that are in the same general proximity and also helps us select the right partner for each varietal that we offer. Our boutique winery model is designed so that our wines are limited and can only be purchased in a few select locations with the primary sales source being from ThornCreek Winery.

Our Wines

White Wine

Aurora Cream White

100% Niagara grapes! Light, crisp, and sweet. Loaded with grape flavors accompanied by hints of apricot carried through by an extremely silky body.

Red Wine

Aurora Cream Red

100% concord grapes! Lush grape flavors and very sweet. A ThornCreek favorite. Aurora Cream Red has survived the test of time as one of the original winemaking recipes. A local classic!

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